Why do we need another OKR tool?

We don’t. Or at least we shouldn’t.

But there‚Äôs a problem with how we build simple software. It’s complex, expensive, bloated and worst of all it’s not built for you the customer.

JustOKRs is an exploration of a vision for a new way to build simple software. A way that is simple, cheap and lean.

But first, let’s talk about the baddies.

Popular OKR software is expensive and bloated

Most OKR software companies don’t seem to be concerned with creating a great OKR tool.

Software that starts out offering just OKRs goes on to add feature after feature to justify its increasing cost as companies go broad instead of deep. They lose sight of OKRs in the hunt of demonstrating extra value to their customers and growth to their investors.

And their OKR tool suffers as a result.

JustOKRs only cares about making OKRs easier and faster and we do it for cheap because we’re building software differently. More on this further down.

Barely better than a Google Doc or Sheet

JuskOKRs is better than than tracking your OKRs in a Google Doc or Google Sheet but not by much. And that’s on purpose.

Google Docs and Sheets are a great way to track your OKRs and better yet they’re free. You can go a long way with those simple free tools but eventually you’ll find the limitations get you searching for something more..

That was the inspiration for creating JustOKRs. Make the experience as friendly as using a Google Doc but add some useful features like assigning ownership, easy scoring, status updates and OKR alignment across your company.

Even better, JustOKRs integrates with other tools you already use like Slack. 

The power of focus

Focus is powerful. Focus wins.

JustOKRs the product and the company is an experiment and case study in focus. Can we beat the heavily-funded OKR tools with laser focus?

This means not broadening the product but solving the problem deeply. The result of that is an OKR tool that is extremely easy to use and actually what you need.

We’re also focused on one type of customer.

Our target customer is using Google Apps (the only way to sign-in to JustOKRs is with Google SSO), has a small startup under 100 people and has outgrown tracking their OKRs in a Google Doc or Sheet.

You may have lofty goals but JustOKRs doesn’t

And that’s good for you.

There is no lofty goal here. We’re not trying to raise money. We’re not trying to build out a big team. And we’re not looking to hike up our prices.

Related to staying focused we’re working hard to stay lean. Not every company needs to be a rocket ship. That’s part of the problem with our competition and our competitive advantage.

JustOKRs is bells and whistles free

Bells and whistles cost extra and they don’t usually add significant value.

You know what else is bells and whistles free? This section. Next point.

Proudly and purposefully built without code

Five years from now the way we build software will have changed dramatically.

You wouldn’t use a sledgehammer to set the nail for a picture frame. Then why are we putting heavy-duty dev teams on a projects as simple as building OKR software?

There’s a new way to build software that involves writing almost no code. It’s lean, cheap, lightning fast and the perfect tool for the job.

JustOKRs is built on Bubble.io a leader in the no-code revolution. Can I call it that? I think so. Check back in a few years and I think it we’ll all agree.

Building on no-code tools like Bubble is incredibly efficient and satisfying. The gap between idea and implementation feels like you’re software is building itself.

The lower cost and greater speed of development allows you to focus on a small problem deeply; something other companies couldn’t justify with the cost of their development teams.

Diving into something deeply gives you the opportunity to create a product that really delights the user. You can craft and refine the user experience and beyond that you can explore new interesting ways of solving problems. This is where the diamonds are buried and it’s a place few venture because after scratching the surface it seems easier to move on and develop the next shiny feature.

Even with the deep focus the incredible efficiency of no-code still allows for prices that are an order of magnitude less than the competition. Better, focused and delightful software, for less.

Also if you’re just curious about what you can build without writing code, check out bubble.io or quickly sign in to JustOKRs and take a look. It’s really cool and quite possibly a revolution.

You’re not paying for marketing or support

Going deep on making a great OKR experience and not offering great support makes simplicity and intuitiveness a rule.

You get savings on support because you’re smart and can figure out stuff on your own.

You also don’t have to pay for us to market our software because we don’t pay for marketing. That means we rely on you to do that for us. You can help us not charge you for marketing by sharing nice things about JustOKRs with your friends.

Stop reading and start getting your team focused

Thanks for making it this far but it’s time for you to get to it.

You can get started here for free in 60 seconds (requires Google sign-in).

If you’re interested in OKRs or no-code or anything else you’ve found here, feel free to reach out. I’d love to hear what you think.


Chris Wagner
Founder of JustOKRs
Find me on twitter at @atChrisWagner
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